Sending Medical Supplies to Japan for Abandoned and Injured Pets has access to low cost pet medical supplies and is accepting tax-deductible donations to expedite shipment of these supplies to Japan.

As of 7/5/12,
Donations TOTAL $1,172

The value of the medications (retail value) that will be supplied is essentially double the amount collected (purchased at wholesale cost).

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The 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011 caused widespread death, injury and destruction.

Relief organizations and governments around the world are responding, but the toll taken on Japan’s people, animals and land will be seen for many years to come.

Recent News:

Pet rescuers in nuclear zone

“Pet rescuers brave Fukushima danger zone” reads the headline of this heart rending story posted on today. Many pets and farm animals were abandoned by their owners evacuating on short notice from the nuclear danger zone surrounding the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor complex. Many of the owners thought they might be able to return after a few days, but the nuclear emergency has continued for more than a month now, with the exclusion area being too radioactive for homeowners to return. Even so, some heroic rescue teams are making short forays into the danger zone to retrieve or assist abandoned animals.

In the wake of the disaster, fires, explosions, collapsed buildings and infrastructure, impassable routes and a lack of electricity or gas are making it nearly impossible to get access to needed supplies.

Thousands of beloved pets have also died or been abandoned, lost or injured. Unlike many other nations that have SPCAs, Japan does not have a national organization devoted to animal welfare. Individual volunteers, veterinarians and non-profit groups are struggling to help.

Pet medicines and first aid supplies are extremely hard to get and are desperately needed. Direct monetary donations are always helpful, but volunteers must pay extremely high prices and wait weeks to get what few supplies can be found.

In the current crisis, the goal of is to send the necessary pet medical supplies directly to the needed areas, so that more animals can be helped without delay.

SpayItForward has access to veterinary supplies and pet medicines at a substantially lower cost; your tax-deductible donation will allow these critical supplies to be sent directly and in bulk to the front lines where they are needed.

SpayItForward is part of two 501c3 certified non-profit animal rescue groups in Sacramento, California. For more details, see “The People” below.


Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind


World Vets is a non-governmental 501c3 non-profit organization which provides veterinary aid around the world. A team of first responders from World Vets arrived in Japan four days after the tsunami and have been working hard to address the needs of the many injured, sick and homeless animals.

Tax-deductible donations to SpayItForward will be used to directly provide World Vets with critical pet medical supplies that are desperately needed. is the team effort of two non-profit animal rescue groups, C.A.T.S. (Cats about Town Society) and HART (Helen’s Animal Rescue Team). Both groups are run strictly by volunteers and operate in the Sacramento region of Northern California.

At SpayItForward, our mission includes disaster prevention and response.

  1. To PREVENT the disaster of pet overpopulation through proactive local spay/neuter and education programs
  2. To RESPOND to other disasters impacting pets whenever possible.

For more information about World Vets, visit their website at Donations made through SpayItForward will provide medicines to World Pets; straight cash donations to other World Vets services can be made through their website. No matter where you give, we greatly appreciate it!

SpayItForward wishes to express deep gratitude to Ned Buratovich of imagiNed Web Design and to Merial ( for assistance with Frontline pricing.

Thank you for giving these cherished pets a chance to heal and thrive!

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